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AutoboyographyAutoboyography by Christina Lauren

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hearing so many good things about “Autoboyography” made me pick up this book and every bit of praise was well-deserved

There’s so much in this book that I loved and I think it’d be easier to just list them all. Sooo…

1. The characters!
– Tanner! I loved Tanner. I loved his humour, his honesty and how much he was comfortable within himself and his sexuality which I think is mostly thanks to his family. I appreciated how he tried to understand Sebastian’s beliefs, trying to learn more about Mormons and actively trying to not judge him for it.

– Then there’s Sebastian… Oh, Sebastian… So much heartache but so much sympathy and empathy with understanding that there’s sometimes a lot to lose when you feel like pressured and feeling forced to compromise who you really are. I hated to see his struggle, to read how he thought that something was wrong with him just because he’s gay.
– Autumn is another favourite who is the perfect companion in general! She’s sweet, understanding, a hard worker, and a great friend. I liked the easy banter between her and Tanner and they gave me the impression that they were really good and close friends.
– Tanner’s family is a-maz-ing. I adored his family, ESPECIALLY his relationship with his dad and all the great love between them!

2. The Bi- Representation

I LOVED the bi-representation in this book. For me, (and all the bi- people I know and love) it was pretty spot on. It represented the actual life bisexual people live especially when they are in a space/environment that doesn’t consider them “real” or valid.

Outside of things I liked, I will say that I personally can’t speak on LDS or being Mormon.

All in all, I’m glad I deviated from my TBR and found this gem. This was such a touching love story with many obstacles and self-discovery and as a person that loves writing it was nice to see the story revolve around writing and expressing one’s self through written words. Of course, it was an audiobook and it made it even better!

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